NO You do not require a license to ride an electric cycle in India. Much like the regular cycle riders, all you need to know is to balance.
WHEREVER An electric bike is just like a regular cycle, you can ride it on roads, streets, mountains, beaches, distances near or far. However, if you go really really far, be prepared to peddle your way back.
FAST The electric bike will provide assistance up to about 25 kmph. However, on certain steep climbs, the motor may shut down and you may have to pedal the rest of the climb, until it can take over again.
OF COURSE Once the battery is drained for the day, you can pedal your way to the rest of the journey just like any other regular cycle.
SERIOUSLY ! Unlike a normal cycle, an electric bike is empowered with a battery. Which makes it easier to pedal longer distances and climb steep slopes. No extra effort is required. All you need is to hit pedal assist and you’re good to go.
NOT LIKELY Electric bikes have powerful batteries that cause no harm when left in their case. Don’t touch or remove the battery unattended and you’ll be safe.
Safety Accessories Hemet, guards, Insurance coverage Every rider must fill up a disclaimer form