How It All Began

There is only one thing stronger than all the armies of the world: and that is an idea whose time has come. -Victor Hugo

The story of BLive started in early 2018 when two friends living in remote geographies decided to come together to find an effective sustainable solution. With Sandeep’s exposure to Electric Vehicles in Europe and Samarth’s knowledge of the tourism industry in Goa, they launched ‘India’s first EV Tourism initiative’- BLive.

BLive is a travel tech platform that offers immersive experiential tours powered by smart and savvy electric bikes. The e-Bike tours provide an intimate local experience and it’s taken a notch higher by combining it with the simple joy of cycling. The tours are driven by the locals and offer a glimpse of the quintessential Goan culture. The effortless riding on e-Bikes enhances the experience and makes it extraordinary.

Both Samarth and Sandeep believe that it is in discovering the hidden gems tucked away in quaint alleys, meeting the locals and reconnecting with the soul of a place that we truly come alive. One may return not just with experiences of a trip but also collect memories of a lifetime.

… And BE ALIVE, once again.

The People in Charge

Samarth Kholkar

Samarth Kholkar

CEO & Co-Founder
Samarth Kholkar is the CEO and Co-Founder of B:Live. He leads the Growth, Customer Experience and Technology practices at B:Live. The need to introduce sustainable tourism in Goa inspired Samarth to co-found Arcis, along with his partner Sandeep Mukherjee. Prior to founding Arcis, Samarth was the CEO of Mojo Hospitality Private Limited and led a chain of F&B outlets across India. Samarth spent over a decade in Sales and Marketing at IBM where he was a key person in setting up the IBM Cloud business in India.
Sandeep Mukherjee

Sandeep Mukherjee

COO & Co-founder
Sandeep Mukherjee is the COO & Co-founder of B:Live. He leads Business Planning, Brand Strategy and Strategic Partnerships at B:Live. Sandeep has always believed that the EV market is poised towards bringing about the next revolution in the mobility industry. He is an Alumnus of SCMHRD business school and has over 13 years of marketing experience with Nokia, Microsoft and SABMiller. Sandeep is very passionate about the sustainable tourism and follows clean-tech start-ups very closely.

Meet the Investors

Shivanand Salgaocar - Chairman and Managing Director of VIMSON Group

Shivanand Salgaocar

Chairman and Managing Director of VIMSON Group
The Vimson Group is an Indian conglomerate with successful business ventures in mining, trading, finance, real estate, healthcare and sports. Mr Salgaocar has held multiple public positions including Chairman of Automobile Corporation of India Ltd (ACGL), President of Federation of Indian Mineral Industries (FIMI), Chairman of Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)(Western Region)
Shrinivas Dempo - Chairman, Dempo Group

Shrinivas Dempo

Chairman, Dempo Group
The Group’s activities cover calcined petroleum coke production, shipbuilding, newspaper publishing and electronic media, food processing, real estate development, sports promotion, the travel business, renewable energy generation and mining. Mr Dempo, an alumnus and now a Trustee of Carnegie Mellon University, USA has led the Group which has years of business interests and social responsibility behind it.
Dr. Venkat Vardhan - Founder & Managing Director of DNA Entertainment Networks

Dr. Venkat Vardhan

Founder & Managing Director of DNA Entertainment Networks
Over 30 years of excellence in the Events Industry he is termed as the Creator of the live Music Industry in India. DNA Entertainment Networks is responsible for getting the best International acts to India. He is also Credited with Bringing large scale and format in Sports and Stadium Management and Delivering Innovative Ideas and Solutions for the top Sports Leagues in India.

Meet the Team

Tanmay Kholkar

Tanmay Kholkar

Non Executive Director
With 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience in the Real Estate & Hospitality sector, he is an early stage investor. He contributes toward business strategy & growth initiatives of the organisation.
Akshay Grover

Akshay Grover

Investment Advisor
With 15+ years of experience in the TMT sector across the EMEA and Asia region, he is an early stage growth investor and is well known in the industry for Capital raise and Strategy formulation.
Vijay Hede

Vijay Hede

Business Mentor
An alumnus of IIT Chennai & Co- Founder of Shivranjani Securities, the largest entity of distribution of financial products in the state of Goa, he provides business guidance to the team.
Siddharth Nagarcenkar

Siddharth Nagarcenkar

Business Operations
Heads Core Operations and Logistics. He brings 10 years of operations experience in the retail sector gives him the ability to handle multi location processes.