BLive Exclusive offers a whole range of premium tours exploring unheard and unseen locations!

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Through BLive exclusive, we want to offer high-quality and wholesome experiences to our guests combined with riding an electric bike.

We believe that it's the smallest things that make the difference between a good day out and a perfect one. We have added hyper-local activities to ensure the tours are memorable.


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Island Hopping - Tour

Island Hopping

  • Old Goa Residency
  • 4 Hours 30 Minutes
Starting from ₹ 3,999

Venture beyond typical beaches and head for the most adventurous trail away from the chaotic and commercial life of Goa, a completely different realm that exists across Mandovi river. Divar island will surely enchant you with its splendours. Witness time slowing down in this quaint river island situated just a few miles from the capital city of Panjim. Ride through patches of fields, mangroves, churches, temple sites and beautiful houses. Breathe and live rich heritage from traditional occupations like fishing. After immersing yourself in an unseen side of North Goa. The pretty locations and locals of Divar will entice all those looking for untouched pristine beauty. The trail just doesn't end here, hop on to a ferry from Divar and visit its neighbouring island. Explore the backwaters and row your boat between the mangroves, spot migratory birds and sea otters, if you are lucky enough one may spot the backwater crocodiles too, learn the art of fishing by the locals and get hosted by them for a mouth watering home cooked delicacy.

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